About Us

Tails of the Hunt Outfitters has grown a reputation as the premier desination to hunt record book whietails in Southwestern Iowa and Northwestern Missouri.  Our passion for giant whitetails is evident to every hunter that visits Tails Of The Hunt Outfitters, and we strive to make your hunting dreams comeRead More


Tails of the hunt is truly an amazing place to hunt. I hunted fresh stands and had a great time. The people are great and so is the food. It’s a great atmosphere. Every hunter had a chance at a first class deer. They truly set the bar for family, friends, and the outdoors. I was in great company every visit. I personally would recommend Aaron and Jodi’s place to anyone. Good outfitters are hard to find, and you will be very pleased at Tails of the Hunt in Iowa and Missouri.

Bobby Jones

Camo L.L.C.