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Tails of the Hunt Outfitters has grown a reputation as the premier desination to hunt record book whietails in Southwestern Iowa and Northwestern Missouri.  Our passion for giant whitetails is evident to every hunter that visits Tails Of The Hunt Outfitters, and we strive to make your hunting dreams comeRead More


Aaron runs a great camp.  I’ve been blessed to hunt across the country with some quality outfitters and Aaron would definitely be one of them on the top of the list.  They’re going to put you on a farm that has quality deer and only hunt that deer when conditions are right.  On my hunt I had a couple of great opportunities to harvest a mature deer, and had I not been self-filming I would have easily sealed the deal.  While in camp one of the hunters was fortunate to kill a buck of a life time grossing in the mid 70’s and it was a great experience just sharing in his success.   All in all it was one of my favorite hunts and I look forward to hunting at Tails of the Hunt again.

Brad Rucks

Deer & Deer Hunting National New Business Development Manager